Is this the notebook of the future?

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T3’s bid to create the ultimate mobile computer continues

The ultimate notebook – or Netpad as we’re calling it – is in the advanced design stages thanks to some sterling work by our friends at The Alloy.

Earlier this year, we asked for your suggestions on what the netbook of the future should look like. Medion and The Alloy then brought the ideas to life with three startlingly bold designs (The Luna, Orbit and Satellite), and once again we asked for your input.

The Alloy took your feedback on those designs and sculpted them into the device you see before you.

Click through the gallery to scope out the tech, materials and unique design that’s gone into our dream computer.

T3’s Netpad: the future of mobile computing is in your hands.

We still want to know what you think. Use the suggestions box below, or DM us on Twitter (@T3Futuretech) with your feedback.

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